Deleting Crontab System Mail

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Last week, I presented an app to NYC on Rails. The main focus was to learn about ActionMailer, paired with cron jobs and the Whenever gem.

The hardest part of all of it was configuring the cron log to write to the correct files. I was getting permission errors when trying to get cron to write to the log directly in my application. In the end, I managed to configure the crontab to print errors to a directy of my computer.

set :cron_log, "~/log/cron_log.log"

While this gave cron proper permissions and allowed me to debug during development, I ended up 283 system emails on my computer, sent directly to victoria@victoria-miranda-friedman’s-macbook. And I had no idea how to remove them from my root directory.

Every time I entered terminal, I saw this message:

In order to enter your mailbox, type mail. This will display:

The return in terminal clearly tells you Type ? for help., which returns a list of all possible methods to act on your mailbox and its contents

And from here, you get clear instructions on how to delete your mail. To delete one email, enter d 1. If you wanted to delete ten emails, you would enter d 1-10, or in my first attempt d 1-283.

The next thing I learned about cron mail, was that exit, exits you from your inbox, but doesn’t save any changes. quit is the command that saves and exits. And as you can see in the image above, after I quit and then entered my mailbox again, I’m told no mail for victoria