An Introduction to Say_with_time

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I don’t think I will ever know everything about Rails. And that’s part of its magic, every day there is something that makes me go “Woah, cool!”

Meet, say_with_time, a really handy little method used in migrations to create a more readable output. This is especially useful when your migrations are doing more than one simple task. I’ve seen it used during a migration that loads a yaml file. What? I didn’t even know you could do that.

say_with_time is a method called directly in the body of a migration during the up, down or change methods. You must pass a block to the method, which controls the entire migration.

  def up
    say_with_time "adding columns email and deleted_at to profiles" do
      add_column :profiles, :email 
      add_column :profiles, :deleted_at

  def down
    say_with_time "removing columns email and deleted_at from profiles"
      remove_column :profiles, :email
      remove_column :profiles, :email

The output of running the migration will include the entire quote as well as a benchmark for when the migration was complete.

Easy and efficient way to control your output from migrations.