Allowing the Javascript Onbeforeunload Function to Submit a Form

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So my last few weeks have been pretty Javascript heavy. I came across a situation where I needed to use the onbeforeunload method so that a popup would occur when a user tried to navigate away from an edit page. This method works on a global scope and is fired before the window is unloaded, or closed. My popup was intended to remind a user to save their changes before leaving.

The only issue with that is that the default functionality of this method ensures that a popup appears when a user tries to leave the page, even on a form submission. So clearly you need to be able to work around this. I don’t want a popup to appear reminding my user to save their changes when they clicked the save button.

So the first step is to define the the function, and it’s return value.

        window.onbeforeunload = function(e) { 
            return "You have unsaved changes, please save them."

The popup generated will look like this:

The only thing about this popup that can be customized is the message, which is defined in the return value of the function. The rest of it is a generic browswer popup. The same popup in Safari will look like this:

Now, any link I click will cause this popup to appear. At this point, even submitting the form will induce this popup. Obviously not what I want.

So the next thing I did was attach a click event to my submit button so that I could customize onbeforeunload’s typical functionality.

    $('#save-button').live('click', function(){
        window.onbeforeunload = function(){};

I am basically redefining onebeforeunload in the scope of that specific click event. Here, nothing will happen. But if I click any other link on my page, the popup will still appear. I only defined onbeforeunload to do nothing in the scope of that one specific click event.